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At 3S Nexus we believe in the success of the partnership between Spanish star-ups and Singaporean investors and the opportunities existing for both sides. The combination presents many advantages for both since the weaknesses of each find solutions in the strengths of the other.

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The entrepreneurial spirit in Spain may be somewhat less ubiquitous than it is in other countries, but those who take the initiative generally do so with a strong and ground-breaking project within the scope of cutting-edge technology. In this sense, the typical entrepreneur profile looks as follows:

  • 35-50 years of age.
  • Consolidated experience in positions of responsibility within large corporations.
  • University degrees, primarily in technical fields supplemented with business management training.

Many start-ups see their efforts to expand and upscale fail as a result of a lack of funds. Brilliant projects and ideas are thwarted because businesses fail to achieve the expected volumes due to insufficient resources and investments.

A major contributing factor in the start-up ecosystem success of Singapore is the growing pool of high net worth individuals, corporations, and institutional investors. There are actually more than 100 venture capital firms in Singapore ranging from independent limited partnership venture capital firms to corporate-backed venture capital firms. (Source: Top 23 Venture Capital Firms and Angel Investors in Singapore).



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