Big Data and digital transformation consultancy and advisory services for SMEs

3S Nexus will guide you in seeking innovative and disruptive solutions for the digital transformation of  your business and/or the optimisation of processes through the use of Big Data tools

Our expertise allow us to bridge business and disruptive technologies to help SMEs with their digital transformation process and profit from today’s technological advances.

We rely on the best tools to do so:

  • A broad knowledge of the business word and acute ability to understand business processes under an holistic approach.
  • A deep knowledge of the client to successfully identify commercial behaviour patterns and predict trends.
  • Technical expertise in Engineering.
  • A broad knowledge of Big Data ecosystem (IoT, AI, ML, SQL, Blockchain, etc.)
  • The ability to analyse business problems to find the causal factors.
  • Analytical skills to interpret data and find significant insights that create added value and competitive advantage to our clients’ businesses.
  • Our commitment to continuous improvement.



  • Advisory to better understand the different Big Data tools available and their application to the business.

  • Advisory to the Digital Transformation process of your business. Seeking new business models.

  • Diagnosis and analysis of business problems, identification of root causes.

  • Proposal of solutions based on incorporating Big Data tools.

  • Help in development and planning your new business strategies.

At 3S Nexus we offer a 100% tailored service for the client

 We adapt to your needs 

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